Torstar Syndication Services (TSS) provides value-added services to publishers, companies, governments and consumers by collecting, packaging and distributing content. Activities also include managing content rights, and marketing and licensing content.

The largest syndicate in Canada, in operation for over 90 years, TSS provides excellent editorial content to newspapers and other media. Whether it’s material produced by Torstar writers and columnists, comics and features from King Features Syndicate NYC – a division of Hearst Corporation, or content submitted by Canadian creators on a freelance basis, TSS is proud to provide editors with quality syndicated material on which they can rely.

Your Torstar Syndication Services Team:

Senior manager for Torstar Syndication Services; NYT; Starweek and new Editorial product development:
Director, Reader Engagement & Content Commercialization – Print
(416) 869-4307

– Torstar Syndication Services and King Features Syndicate (including content and contracts)
– Content to Aggregators (Including, Infomart; ProQuest; Factiva; Dow Jones, Ebsco, and Gale)
– The New York Times Supplement
– Starweek TV magazine
– That’s Puzzling weekly book
– New Editorial product and content development

Product marketing specialist, invoicing, technical and content support:
Marketing Specialist, Opt-ins
(416) 869-4048

 Please contact for:
– Star Opt-In product  general inquiries – That’s Puzzling, New York Times Supplement and Starweek
– Technical queries & content uploads — regarding syndicated features on www.esyndicate.ca
– Invoicing and payment inquiries (includes creators, vendors and freelancers):
– Toronto Star Page Archive (ProQuest);  marketing; general syndicate inquiries
customer service and sales support

Syndication sales and editorial liaison, licensing, reprints:
Torstar Syndication Services – Sales Representative
(416) 869-4994

Please contact for:

-King Features Syndicate
– customer service and sales support
– Inquires for sales of syndicated features
– Licensing and reprint rights for Torstar Syndicate and King Features
– Licensing and permissions for Toronto Star & Metro News editorial content
-Submissions for new editorial syndicated features (including comics, puzzles, and text)
– Technical and editorial queries of syndicated content