This unique wine column doesn’t just recommend five bottles of wine every week with bottle images (though it does that too), it reveals how those wines can improve readers’ lifestyles. Deeply thought provoking, Sipped offers timely, compelling commentary on hot trends, wine myths, insider secrets and more. Which is probably why Sipped is one of the most well-read columns in The Toronto Star. 

Sipped is written by Carolyn Evans-Hammond, a London-trained sommelier and two-time bestselling wine book author. She is a seasoned wine educator, judge, and media personality with 20 years of journalism experience. Essentially, she has earned her street cred. Now she spends her time tasting wine (on your behalf, of course) and telling it like it is. What we’re saying is, finding you your next great wine is her calling. Along the way, she has shown living well doesn’t have to be pricey or pretentious. Just takes a little know-how, and maybe a corkscrew.




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