Between Friends

Best friends Maeve, Kim and Susan all came of age in the 1970’s during the height of the feminist movement. Now, in their forties, these three contemporary, modern women lean on and support each other as they deal with office politics, career issues, love, motherhood and relationships.

“Between Friends” takes a humorous and contemporary look at the lives of these three women in all their angst-driven, stress-filled, caffeinated glory. Since its debut in 1994, it has cemented a relationship with female readers in more than 120 newspapers.

Here’s what some of them have to say:

“My Seattle Times carrier is running two hours behind this evening, so I’m going through withdrawal.”

“I continually look forward to seeing glimpses of my own life in your work. Your strips are often stuck on the fridge or pinned to my office bulletin board.”

“Wanted to let you know that my mother and I LOVE your strip in today’s Los Angeles Daily News…we have made every one of those statements ourselves!”

“This is a big ‘thank you’ from every mother who ever had to go through a store with a crying child!!…I have gotten such a kick out of this week’s strips.”

“Your sketches are excellent; the expressions come out so well in a few brush strokes, that I am amazed.” (a reader from India)

Sandra Bell-lundy

Canadian Sandra Bell-Lundy began her career as a cartoonist by creating comics for her university campus newspaper, a women’s networking newsletter and newspaper ads.

After developing a cartoon strip, which was loosely based on a group of her friends, she self-syndicated it to a number of southern Ontario dailies for four years.

In 1994, her comic Between Friends attracted the attention of King Features and is now syndicated to 175 newspapers such as the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Times, the Arizona Republic, the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette.  In addition to Canada and the United States it appears in ten countries including Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Sweden, Australia and Guam.

Sandra lives in Welland, Ontario with her husband Tim and their two teenaged children.  She has received awards from the B.C. Association of Clinical Counselors and from the North American Council on Adoptable Children for special story arcs she has written.  She was also featured on the Canadian national morning show, Canada AM for her story arc about domestic violence.  Between Friends has been collected in three books.  Her Between Friends characters were recently utilized to assist the Canadian Cancer Society in their campaign to promote regular mammograms in the early detection of Breast Cancer.

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