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Senior manager for Torstar Syndication Services; NYT; Starweek and new Editorial product development:
Director, Reader Engagement & Content Commercialization – Print
(416) 869-4307

– Torstar Syndication Services and King Features Syndicate (including content and contracts)
– Content to Aggregators (Including, Infomart; ProQuest; Factiva; Dow Jones, Ebsco, and Gale)
– The New York Times Supplement
– Starweek TV magazine
– That’s Puzzling weekly book
– New Editorial product and content development

Product marketing specialist, invoicing, technical and content support:
Marketing Specialist, Opt-ins
(416) 869-4048

 Please contact for:
– Star Opt-In product  general inquiries – That’s Puzzling, New York Times Supplement and Starweek
– Technical queries & content uploads — regarding syndicated features on
– Invoicing and payment inquiries (includes creators, vendors and freelancers):
– Toronto Star Page Archive (ProQuest);  marketing; general syndicate inquiries
customer service and sales support

Syndication sales and editorial liaison, licensing, reprints:
Torstar Syndication Services – Sales Representative
(416) 869-4994

Please contact for:
– customer service and sales support

-King Features Syndicate
– Inquires for sales of syndicated features
– Licensing and reprint rights for Torstar Syndicate and King Features
– Licensing and permissions for Toronto Star & Metro News editorial content
-Submissions for new editorial syndicated features (including comics, puzzles, and text)
– Technical and editorial queries of syndicated content