How can I buy a reprint of a photo that appeared in the paper?

You can purchase a print, or license a copy of photographs taken by a staff photographer and published in the Toronto Star during the past 100 years. Please note: We cannot sell wire service (e.g. The Canadian Press, AP, Getty, Reuters) or freelance photographers’ images. Please visit our Photo & Page Sales site to browse more than 37,000 images, call Torstar Syndication Services at 416-869-4998, or email


How do I find an article that previously appeared in the newspaper?

Every article written by Star staff going back to Jan. 1, 1985 is available in our online text-only database, which can be searched here. There is a small fee to purchase previously published stories, but before selecting, you can view headlines and summaries free of charge. Please note: Stories from wire services (e.g. AP, The Canadian Press, AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg), stories by freelance writers, death notices, births, advertising and photographs are not included in this database.

Many, although not all, of the articles that appear in the newspaper are also published online. Use our website search engine, near the top of this page, to find the article you’re searching for.

For a nominal fee you can access the Toronto Star Toronto Star Page Archives (formerly Pages of the Past), our online archive containing millions of pages as they actually appeared, from 2011 going back to December, 1894. Toronto Star Archives contains all stories and photos as well as ads, birth and death notices, classified ads, stock tables, sports statistic, movie listings and so on. To use this service you will need a valid credit card to perform this secure transaction. Click here to begin your search. Toronto Star Page Archives are also available at these libraries for free.