Creative Space V2

Newly expanded and revamped, Creative Space V.2 is a weekly column encompassing all aspects of interior design: colour, light, orientation, texture, materials and style. A proven reader favorite, the column is accompanied by stunning artistic renderings and illustrations.


Creative Space V.2 will continue to offer the great practical, common sense ideas that you’ve come to expect, and the focus will be “Bigger ideas for smaller spaces”. In V.2 you’ll learn how to make a space act or seem larger through the creative use and repurposing of existing space, as well as the creation of new space. Focusing on condominiums and townhouses, the ideas and advice can easily apply to small rooms in general. You’ll get advice that is tried and true; new and trending ideas for limited spaces; and highlights of new products designed for saving and creating space.


Supported by a rich multimedia website and blog that offers readers video, photos, illustrations, expanded versions of the column, and fully interactive illustrations, Creative Space V.2 is the contemporary design and living column your modern readers crave.


David Ferguson, writer of the nationally syndicated weekly column, Creative Space, has been creating perfect living spaces for newspaper readers since 1980. A proven reader favorite, the column is accompanied by beautiful artistic renderings. David’s website,, offers readers an expanded version of the column, video, and interactive illustrations.

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